Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Some New Vinyl Lettering!

Can you believe I just made this myself?!? Ok, well my friend Anya did help! I love this vinyl lettering! If you remember over the holidays I bought quite a few things from her to put up in my house. Now with the holidays over, I was realizing I needed something that I can keep up all the time. I decided on this saying on a tile. I put it on top of the cupboards in my kitchen & it looks great! I just bought the tile in the size that I wanted & told Anya the dimensions & what saying I wanted in what color & she printed it out for me on vinyl. Then all I had to do was stick it on the tile. It was so easy! And you can put this vinyl on anything! Check out her website Anya's Inspring Designs to see all of the wonderful things she can do with vinyl!
*Edited 3/13/08 to add: I've been asked where I got the stand that the tile is on & that's a good question! I found this one at Michael's, they have silver too. I think it's $7.99, but I used my 40% off coupon from the newspaper to buy it so it cost less!

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katrinaheartsstamping said...

Hi! I stop by your site often and love all your ideas. can i ask where you found the easel you have this on? I have been looking for one similar