Thursday, September 4, 2008

Some New Vinyl Projects

I am so excited to have gotten some new vinyl projects done this week! Thanks again for all your help Anya! This first project I saw in a small stationary boutique & I just knew that I could easily reproduce it myself, for less money! I painted a 9" x 9" square piece of wood with red paint. Then I lightly distressed the edges with sandpaper. Next I glued down a 5" x 7" metal shingle (they're only 44 cents at Home Depot). After that I applied the "family" vinyl lettering. Then I just took some of my Stampin' Up! chipboard hearts, painted them red too & attached small magnets to the back. Now I have a cute little magnetic picture holder where I can easily change out the photo whenever I want! (This photo is actually really old!) And I can hang it on the wall, tie a ribbon on the top to hang it from, or display it on a stand like I've done here! So easy & I love how it turned out! I think these will make fantastic Christmas presents!
This was my next vinyl project this week. This one was really easy & fast to finish! I had bought this growth chart for my daughter & there's a space at the top to personalize it. So I just asked Anya to print out my daughter's name in white vinyl & stuck it on & now it's ready to go!

My final vinyl project this week was at a class Anya taught last night at church. You could choose from any variety of projects & so I chose to make a Halloween sign. Now that my daughter's older & more aware of holidays, I've decided to decorate a little more for Halloween this year. All I had to do for this was paint the board orange, lightly sand the edges to distress it & stick on the vinyl! My picture looked clear in Photoshop, but now it looks blurry on the screen here, so I hope it's clear for you to see!

Well, this is what I've been up to the past couple of days (along with some major cleaning & painting of some rooms in our house-we're switching my daughter's room & creating a craft room/office). If you've never tried vinyl, I recommend that you give it a try! It's so fun & easy to use!

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