Saturday, April 25, 2009

Folder Games

A group of girls at church with young children decided to make folder games to swap. These games are a great way to keep your little ones quiet while at church or anytime! So we each are making 6 & then we'll swap & end up with 6 different games. I found some ideas online, but they either were too much work (coloring & cutting) or they just weren't very cute. So I got out my handy Stampin' Up! punches & made a shapes folder game. I really like how it came out! Now all I have to do on Monday is run down to my local teacher supply store & laminate everything!
Here's the cover: Then here's the inside. What you do is punch out the same shapes again & run those through the laminator as well. Then you put velcro on the back & on the shapes in the folder so the kids can match the shapes & they'll stick. My daughter calls these puzzles & just loves them!
So I really was getting into these folder games & decided to make some more just for Kaylee (& for her baby sister when she's older).

Uppercase Alphabet:

Lowercase Alphabet:


I love my punches & Big Shot! They really made this project quick & easy!

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for2nately said...

great ideas! thanks for sharing!