Thursday, September 23, 2010

Handmade Christmas: Totpack

I completed another Christmas gift this week! Yay! I wanted to make a little backpack for my youngest for Christmas & I had looked around online & found a bunch of free backpack tutorials, but none of them was exactly what I was looking for. Everything seemed to be either too difficult for me to tackle or just not the style that I was going for. So one day at JoAnn's when they were having a sale on patterns I was browsing & came across this Totpack pattern by SewBaby! It says that it's the perfect sized backpack for 1-4 year olds & I thought it looked easy enough. And for the most part it was. I had some difficulty lining everything up for some reason even though I had cut out & marked my fabric straight from the pattern. And, I had a heck of a time with the pocket! So don't look too closely because you may notice that it's a little crooked, or that it isn't sewn perfectly straight! I've decided that it's satisfactory for now, but if I have some spare time before Christmas I might try to make another one & do a better job (yes, I am a perfectionist & slightly crazy).

Here's a close-up of the Totpack. I found this adorable corduroy at my local discount fabric store & fell in love with it immediately! Especially since we sometimes refer to Aidynn as Aidy-bug! And I decided that I wanted to do the pocket & the straps in the pink to add some contrast. The cute green button I just happened to have in my stash, but it's not functioning it's just there for cuteness. The pattern is designed to use three buttons across the top to hold the Totpack closed, but I wanted something a little easier for small hands. I debated adding snaps, but decided that velcro is the easiest & so I just added a strip across the top. It seems perfect!
(I stuffed the Totpack with some toys for the photos!)

And here's a close-up of the pocket. I used velcro on this one too.

I hope that Aidynn loves her cute little backpack when she opens it this Christmas! She's just getting to that age where she likes to take a couple toys with her everywhere we go, so hopefully she will be able to just pack them up in her Totpack & carry them herself!

And if you have mad or come across any cute little toddler backpacks & would like to share please leave a comment so we can check them out too!


Tasha said...

Oh, it turned out fabulous!! I just love it. I am hoping to make backpacks for my neice and nephew. Maybe my 4 year old too. We shall see. :) Love how this turned out.

Alane Marie's Creations said...

This is so cute!