Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentines Mail Pouch

I knew that this year I wanted to make some kind of mail pouch for each person in our family to hang on their chairs. I started looking around online & found lots of cute ideas. I really fell in love with this one from Pottery Barn Kids:
It's adorable, right?
{Isn't everything from Pottery Barn Kids?}

I figured I would try to duplicate it with what I had on hand-lots of felt!

Here is my version:
I just created a very simple pattern to make the pouch. And I made it almost just like a little backpack with straps on the back so that it could hang on the back of a chair. I made a flap that closes with velcro so that they can open up their pouch to get their "mail" out. And there's a slot in the top of the flap so that they can drop "mail" into the pouch. Then I embellished it up! I hand-stitched around the flap & the front of the pouch. I used my Big Shot to cut out the scallop edging & the letters for the names which I then simply glued on with felt glue. I also added a button onto the heart on the flap just because I thought it was so cute!

I made the girls' mail pouches in pink, of course!

Here's a close-up of the slot on the top of the flap:

And here's a shot of the back of the pouch & how it hooks onto a chair:
I made it so that the straps hook with velcro as well so that it's somewhat adjustable & easy to move to different sized chairs.

And I thought Mommy & Daddy needed their own valentines mail pouches too:
I made those in red & I think those are my favorite!

Even though this project took all week to finish, I love how they turned out & I am so excited that we will have these to hang up every year for Valentine's Day!
I can't wait to fill everyone's pouch up with some goodies this year too!

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