Friday, September 9, 2011

A Fun Gift Set

I had been wanting to make something for my aunt who has helped us out a lot lately with some last minute babysitting. I think the Tohoku Tote is becoming my go-to pattern for tote bags. It is such a great bag! It's easy to do so I can get it made quickly & it's such a great size. I love this bright, fun fabric too! I also decided to make a zipper pouch to go inside of the tote bag, but then at the last minute I decided to add a strap. So I guess it's actually a wristlet now? Anyway, I love how both the tote bag & the zipper pouch turned out.

Here's the tote bag:
To get the free tutorial for the Tohoku Tote just click here. Thank you Cheri from I Am Momma-Hear Me Roar for now making it a public tutorial for anyone to use! Also, it is the new Create With Me project for September over at Ucreate, click here to read about that. It sounds fun, I'm going to link up this bag! I didn't do the pleat or the bow on this bag, but I added a large double yo-yo flower to the front for a little embellishment & I think it looks great!

Here's a close-up of the zipper pouch-I love the bright yellow ruffle:

A close-up of the double yo-yo flower:

And both the tote bag & the zipper pouch are lined with this fun bright blue fabric:
These two projects just make me happy! I was tempted to keep them for myself, but I do hope my aunt is enjoying them!


Tasha said...

They turned out so cute. I love them both!! Fun fabrics too

Miss Sparkles said...

I love the double yo-yo flower.. I'd never have thought of it but it's so effective!