Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mama's Halloween Costume

Did you see this post over at Make It and Love It last year? Ashley made her own darling skeleton Halloween costume complete with a baby skeleton in the tummy since she was pregnant. It was so cute! I saw this iron-on vinyl on Mamabargains a week or so ago & bought it right away since this year I am pregnant for Halloween. All I did was to grab an old black maternity shirt & ironed the vinyl on. Easy! Then I copied Ashley & added a little pink bow to the baby's head just because it makes it even cuter! And with another baby girl on the way it works perfectly! I was thinking how could you make it cuter if you're expecting a baby boy? Maybe add a little blue bow under the baby's head like a bow tie? Anyway, what a great, simple Halloween costume this is for Mama!

Here I am all dressed up:
Just don't mind the no makeup! At least I had showered & dried my hair though! :)

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