Thursday, November 10, 2011

Baby Monthly Onesies

I first saw this idea on a while back. They had these cute iron-on vinyl circles with month ages on it that you could simply adhere to a onesie & then take a photo of your little one every month to document their growth over that first year. What a great idea! Since I've seen them there, I've come across many other crafters in blogland & on Pinterest creating their own baby monthly onesies. I knew that I wanted to do this for Baby #3 as well. My plan is to take a photo every month of this baby girl on the quilt that I'm making for her so I decided to use some of the leftover fabrics from the quilt to make the circles for the onesies with so that it all coordinates.

Thanks to my wonderful Silhouette machine this project was super easy! I just drew a circle the size I wanted in the Silhouette program & then cut out 12 of them with the 12 different pieces of fabric. Before I cut the fabric I had ironed some sewable Heat n Bond onto the back so that I could then easily iron the circles right onto the onesies. There are great directions online for cutting fabric with your Silhouette if you need more details. After the circles were ironed on then I sewed each one down with a tight zig zag stitch on my sewing machine. Then I used my Silhouette once again to cut out the month ages in some white heat transfer vinyl & just ironed those onto the center of each circle. Done!

So the hardest part of the whole project for me was picking out which size onesies to use for each month. My babies tend to be on the smaller size, so their age doesn't usually match up with the clothing size. Especially with these Carter's onesies, they always seem to run a little big to me. So I just guessed the best I could & hopefully they will all fit this little girl on the right month.

Isn't it amazing how much babies grow over their first year? Here's the size difference between 1 month & 12 months (which are actually a newborn size onesie & a 9 month size onesie since my babies rarely even hit the 12 month size onesies):
And a close-up of one of the monthly circles:
I have about a million things to do & I have quite a few sewing projects I want to make for Christmas presents, but all I seem to want to work on are the baby projects! I am so glad I got these all done & ready for baby. I can't wait to see her wear one each month! This would make such a cute baby shower gift too!

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Miss Sparkles said...

They look fantastic! I love the fabrics used.