Sunday, September 16, 2012

Look what arrived on my doorstep last Friday...

 The new cookbook from the girls of Our Best Bites!  Probably my favorite cooking website of all time!  Honestly, they have such great recipes on their site.  I have tried a lot of their recipes & we've liked them all.  Plus the recipes are pretty easy & they explain everything for you which is helpful.  I pretty much go to there site whenever I'm not sure what to make for dinner or I am wanting to try something new.  I have their first cookbook too & it is definitely the most-used cookbook in my kitchen.  I scored a great pre-order deal with free shipping too through Barnes & Noble on their new cookbook & I was so excited when it showed up on Friday.  I like how this cookbook is divided into seasons with recipes for each one.  So fun!  There are so many yummy looking things in there too!  I really can't wait for the weather to cool down a little so I can try the Tortellini Sausage Soup:

And I think this Glazed Lemon Cake looks divine:

You may be wondering:  Why buy the cookbooks when they have so many recipes right online?  Well, because there are so many great recipes in the cookbooks that they don't post online!  If you are looking for some new cooking inspiration I definitely recommend you check out Our Best Bites or buy one of their cookbooks!

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