Tuesday, February 5, 2013

14 Days of Love

You've probably seen these ideas all over online too just like me, but this year I decided to do it for my husband.  The 14 days of love!  A little countdown to Valentine's Day.  I actually used the free printable labels from Six Sister's Stuff so this is a super easy project.  They have some pre-made labels with sayings already written on them that you can use, but I just printed out all of the plain ones so that I could customize them to things that my hubby likes.  It was pretty fun to go to the store & pick out some of his favorite treats & snacks.  It may be a little cheesy, but who cares!  He seems to be enjoying them so far too.

So here's the one I left out for him on the first day:

"You are one Hot Tamale"

Cheesy, but true!
Love him so much!

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