Sunday, April 28, 2013

Rainbow Cake

My oldest daughter turned 7 last weekend.  Seven!  How did this happen?  How did she get to be seven years old already?  In the past few years I've started asking her what kind of cake she wants for each birthday.  I have fun attempting her requests.  Well lately she has been really into rainbows.  She is quite the artist & she draws rainbows all day.  This year she said she wanted a rainbow cake.  She also said she wanted it to have clouds, grass & a unicorn on it.  

Here's what I came up with & it turned out really cute:

I decided to just frost it in a light blue color to represent the sky.  Then I used the grass tip (ok, I can't remember what it's called exactly, but it's that frosting tip that has all of the little holes in it so it looks like grass when the frosting comes out) to make some bright green grass around the bottom of the cake. Then I just used my round tips to make the rainbow stripes & the clouds.

To give her the unicorn she wanted I just put a small My Little Pony unicorn on the top of the cake.  And 7 bright pink candles, of course:

Make a wish Kaylee-girl:

For the inside I did this:

If a rainbow cake is what she wanted, then that is definitely what she got!  If you are on Pinterest, then you have seen this idea for a rainbow layer cake I am sure.  I decided to try it out for this cake & it was super cute!  And easy!  Vanilla cake batter, divide into 6 equal parts, tint each part with a different rainbow color, bake, level, layer-done!

And it was so yummy too, we hardly had any left after her celebration:

Happy birthday to my beautiful girl!

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Jennifer B. said...

Wow! That turned out so well--nice work! It looks incredible!