Thursday, November 29, 2007

New Addiction-Vinyl Lettering

I know it's been a while since I've posted anything-sorry! I think the craziness of the holidays has officially set in at our house. I've been busy finishing Christmas card orders, prepping for my craft class tomorrow night, and trying to figure out what I'm making for our Christmas cards this year. But I have finished a few things that I'll post later. First, I want to show you all my latest addiction-vinyl lettering! I love it! My friend Anya started her own business (Anya's Inspiring Designs) with vinyl lettering and it's amazing! The possibilities really are endless! I had her make the "Create" sign for me (above) a couple of months ago, but just now put it on my wall. It was so easy to do! The vinyl just sticks right to your wall and then you can just pull it off when you don't want it there anymore. She has so many different fonts and colors to choose from too. I put this one between the shelves in my craft space. I think I'm going to add another word on top of the shelves and one under the bottom shelf too.
This is the "Believe!" sign that my mother-in-law bought from Anya and gave to each of her daughters/daughters-in-law. Isn't it cute! The vinyl lettering is on a glass block-you can put that stuff on anything! Anya has great stuff for the holidays. I'm going to order a couple other things from her too. I bought one of those battery operated tea lights to go behind the glass block and it looks really neat at night!
This is the first sign that Anya made me. I wanted a nice big "Welcome" sign for when you come in our house. She even figured out how to make it vertical for me. I swear, that girl can do it all! If you get a chance, check out her website:
She has some great samples and ideas on there! Plus all of her pricing and ordering information are on there too. I have a feeling that before long my house is going to be covered in vinyl lettering! :)

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