Wednesday, December 5, 2007

More Vinyl Lettering!

I told you I had ordered more vinyl lettering from my friend Anya! I think my husband is now scared that our house is going to be covered in vinyl lettering and wood vinyl lettering signs before too long! But these ones are for Christmas! They look fabulous! Thanks Anya! I put this Merry Christmas sign above some pictures that we have hung in our family room. I usually have another sign hanging there, so this was an easy switch for the holidays!
I think this sign is my favorite! I usually have a ribbon board on this wall in our kitchen, but this year I decided to make one for Christmas to hang up all of those cute photos we get of family & friends with Christmas cards each year. The fabric, of course, has snowmen on it! So I asked Anya to make this sign for me and it looks great! It matches perfectly! And signs the size of these two are only $20 each! It's a great deal and she can make them any way you want!

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