Saturday, January 5, 2008

Halloween 2007

Yes, I do realize that it is now January of 2008! Ok, so I'm a little behind on my scrapbooking! I finally added the pages for Halloween 2007 to my daughter's Halloween scrapbook last night. I created a Halloween scrapbook for her last year (click here to check it out) & my original plan was to add a couple of pages each year. Well, she is just too darn cute & I just take way too many photos! So this year my "couple" of pages turned into 11! I used an 8" x 8" size album, but now I am wishing I had used a 12" x 12" size because I am already using so much space & she's not even 2 yet! I find that these types of albums are a little easier for me to keep up on rather than being overwhelmed with everything I need to scrapbook. I finished my daughter's baby scrapbook last year, but I haven't done much with her other photos since then. These holiday or birthday themed ones are the quickest & simplest way for me to get stuff done though. And as you can see, I keep my scrapbooking pretty simple. Nothing fancy here! I hope you can at least use some of the layout ideas. Here's what I added to the Halloween scrapbook (sorry for the glare in the photos, I should have taken the pages out of the plastic sleeves!):

All supplies Stampin' Up!

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