Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Super Saturday Samples

You'll notice that most of my recent posts have been for classes or events that I have coming up. I have definitely been busy getting prepared for these & the upcoming holidays! But I like to be busy-it keeps me out of trouble! :) So I'm participating in a Super Saturday event through our church on November 8th out in San Jacinto. I am having 2 different stations with 2 different sets of projects. Each station costs $5.
Here is the first project. It's a 2009 Desktop Calendar, perfect for keeping right on your desk or by your computer. Each month has its own separate page that can be placed in the standing frame (clear plastic frame from Wal-mart). Each page is stamped differently & uses a different sheet of designer paper. On the bottom right of the frame I stick some felt flowers on so that they will be seen each month even thought the calendar pages will be rotated. The ribbon is used to hold the other calendar pages behind the frame, plus it helps to make it extra cute for gift giving!
Here is the second project. They will be making 3 holiday cards. The first card you saw last year, but it's a classic & everyone always likes it. The other 2 are new for this year.

I hope that the ladies will enjoy these projects!

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