Thursday, November 6, 2008

Yes, I went vinyl crazy!

I really did! I usually don't do any decorating for Halloween or Autumn. But, as my daughter has gotten older & more aware of all the holidays, I decided it was time to start getting a little festive with each season & holiday that comes. So, I think, these are my last 2 Autumn vinyl projects. I just finished them yesterday & I love how they came out. Plus, Uppercase Living makes it so easy, how could I resist?
This first is another glass block ($4.38 at Lowe's). With the vinyl on the front. This one is 2-step so the pumpkin is in Terra Cotta & the "Autumn Days" is in Chocolate Brown. And then the ribbon has pretty fall leaves on it in coordinating colors. Honestly, this took me abou 5 minutes to do & it looks great! I love it at night with a little battery-powered tealight behind it. So pretty! These make great gifts too! They have really cute ones for Christmas too, which will be here before we know it! This next project is a wood board for Autumn. I just painted the MDF board (Uppercase Living sells them ready to go) with Chocolate Brown paint. Then I distressed the edges with sandpaper. Next I applied the Mocha Brown "AUTUMN" & then the Fresh Linen "we rake, we pile, we jump" over it. Again, this was so easy to make & now I'll have an Autumn decoration to hang on my wall for years to come!If you have any questions about any of the vinyl projects you've seen here on my blog or if you're interested in ordering some vinyl for yourself please email my sister-in-law Bethany & she'll help you out!

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