Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I {heart} Pink Lemonade Baby Accessories

So here's another great find for you-Pink Lemonade Baby Accessories!
Our friend, Stephanie, started this business with her good friend & they just have the cutest baby accessories! With my first daughter I didn't use a sling or anything. Since she was my only child at the time, I just didn't feel the need to use one. But my arms did get pretty tired from carting her around all of the time! With my second daughter I have used this sling all of the time! It's just easier-and much nicer for my arms & back-to put the baby in the sling. Plus it frees up my arms so that I can better help my older daughter or attempt to do various tasks while still holding the baby. My favorite is the ring sling. Pink Lemonade has the cutest fabrics & the products hold up really well! Thanks to the girls over at Pink Lemonade for making my life a little easier!
Here's my ring sling in action:
And she loves it too!
This would make a great gift for any new mom too!
Check out their cute stuff here.

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