Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Baby Taggie Blankie

I think these baby taggie blankies are so cute! This has been on my sewing to-do list since before Aidynn was born. Hello-she's 8 months old now & I'm just getting around to making it! That's just how life goes! Anyway, I found this adorable monkey snuggle flannel at JoAnn's & knew it would be perfect for this project. In fact, I wish they had more of it so that I could make a large baby blanket too! So I used the snuggle flannel on the front & some pink minky chenille on the back. Then I just grabbed some ribbon from my ribbon stash (well, actually I splurged & bought the orange flower ribbon because it matched). This project was so fun & easy to make! You'll notice that most things I do now are "quick & easy" or "fun & simple." I think when you're a mom with little kids & you want to craft, these are the only types of projects that are going to get done! And I'm the type of person who once I start something it'll drive me nuts until I just finish it! It took me about 2 naps to get this one done. So I used a piece of 12x12 cardboard that I had to trace & cut out my fabric. Then I cut the ribbon in 2-1/2" pieces. I cut 8 pieces of each kind of ribbon to be able to sew 2 pieces back-to-back on each side of the square. I had previously seen this made with loops of ribbon, but then read online that it's not safe to make them that way so now everyone makes them with the ribbon cut. To keep the ends of the ribbon from fraying I just heat sealed them (Use a tealight candle & just swipe the end of the ribbon by the flame, as close as you can get to the flame without actually sticking the ribbon into the flame!). This worked out better for me anyway, because Aidynn loves tags! She will find & chew on the tag of whatever toy she is playing with. My tip is to pin the ribbons down first to one piece of fabric & then pin the second piece of fabric on top of it. This just helps the ribbon to stay in place better even though mine are still a little crooked! And a great thing about this project is that it's totally machine washable! Always good with babies!
Here's a close-up:
And here's my "little monkey" enjoying her taggie blankie:

This would make an awesome, inexpensive baby shower gift too!

And if you've made one of these taggie blankies yourself or have any other awesome baby projects that you'd like to share leave a comment on this post with a link to the photo/description of it! I would love to see what you all create too!

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