Monday, May 24, 2010

Hooded Towels for the Kiddos

My friend made me one of these adorable, embellished hooded towels when I had Kaylee. And we love it! Honestly, it's the only towel that Kaylee has ever used. And it has survived a million washes in the washing machine! I love these because they are bigger so they wrap up your little one really well & it still has the hood too which keeps their little heads warm. I have been wanting to make some of these myself over the past 4 years, but just never have. What a great gift these are! Now that my baby is 18 pounds, the infant towels are getting a little small! So I decided last week to try my hand at sewing some hooded towels. I found these striped towels at Walmart for $3. Then I bought a 3-pack of plain white washcloths- I can't remember how much they were, but they were cheap too! Then you just need some pretty ribbon (I prefer grosgrain ribbon because it holds up so well in the washer) & some pretty ruffles (does it have a "real" name?). You just sew the ribbon & ruffle on first to both the towel & the washcloth. Then you fold the washcloth into a hood shape & sew that onto the center of the towel. Done! So easy! Kaylee has already staked her claim on this one!
Using striped towels make these super cute! I love the yellow gingham ruffle too!
I just wish that the washcloths had matching green stripes, but it still turned out cute.
Here she is, so excited to use her new towel!
What a simple gift too! You could even add a cute rubber duckie or some baby wash & lotion to complete it!

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