Tuesday, May 25, 2010

More Fabric Flowers

Having 2 girls is so much fun! I get to do all sorts of girly projects & they love to be my models! I'm not huge on my girls wearing matching clothes all of the time-who can afford that when I have so many cute hand-me-downs for the baby from big sister? But I do try to have them coordinate at least some of the time! These fabric flowers are the perfect way for my girls to coordinate together without being super matchy-matchy. For this ensemble I found some fabric that I absolutely love, made some fabric flowers with it & then pieced their outfits together trying to match the flowers. As long as the fabric has pink in it, then it's usually pretty easy to find clothes to match though!
Here's Kaylee with her flower pin on her sweater & then a matching flower clip in her hair.

And Aidynn just had a matching flower pin on her onesie. Oh what to do with that hair?!?! But I loved this picture with her little tongue sticking out!

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Ann Flower said...

Nice blog with nice picture of cutie with beautiful flower in hairs. She is adorable.