Thursday, December 2, 2010

FHE Magnet Board

So I'm on a 12" x 12" magnet board kick right now! {Scroll down to see my Advent Calendar Magnet Board that I shared yesterday.} I just started to think of all of the awesome types of boards that would be useful-family home evening (FHE) board, recipe board, note board, regular magnet board, etc. We don't have an FHE board in our house so I thought this was the perfect time & way to make one. {FYI-FHE is one night a week that we spend together as a family, without outside influences, talking about our beliefs or doing fun activities together.} And I love the size of this board because it doesn't take up too much space. I'm going to hang it on a wall in our office/guest room/craft room & then we can just bring it down every Monday night when we do our FHE. I made this one the same way as the advent calendar. I started by making the design that I wanted in My Digital Studio & then printing it up at Costco. It was so easy & I love how it turned out!

Here it is:
Then I made some-yep, you guessed it-bottle cap magnets to keep track of who is in charge of what for that night's FHE. I made them to say Dad, Mom, Kaylee & Aidynn. This way we can easily move them around each week to change what everyone's assignments are.

Here's the board with the magnets on it:
A close-up of the magnets:
I am so excited to use this next week!

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