Thursday, February 3, 2011

Chalkboard Vinyl

I got my first Sale-a-bration order last week! Love it all! One item I chose was the chalkboard vinyl. This is so fun! I hung it on a cabinet in my kitchen so that I can easily jot down grocery items, Target items, phone messages, love notes, etc. The black vinyl is actual chalkboard that you can write on with chalk & erase & use over & over again! The white "notes" is vinyl that is applied on top of the chalkboard vinyl. It was so easy to apply & when I get sick of it up there it will be super easy to just peel off too without damaging the cabinets.
Here it is, a clean slate:
I have some chalkboard markers that I just love. There are so many fun colors & they are so much more vibrant than regular chalk. And they wipe off easily too.
Here it is in use:
So fun! And my preschooler loves writing & drawing all over this too!
Remember, you can get this for FREE too if you place an order during Sale-a-bration!

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