Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Handheld Heart-Shaped Pies

I came across a super yummy-looking post over at Our Best Bites last week for pie pops, hand pies & pie in a jar.
Say what?
Yes please!
I just do not make enough pie around here & we all like to eat it. So when I saw these recipes I knew we would have to try them out. The homemade pie crust was actually super easy to make & delicious (I will not be buying pre-made pie crust at the store again unless I absolutely have to). We decided to make the handheld-sized pies. This was such a great baking experience that the whole family enjoyed making. My preschooler especially loved cutting out the hearts with the cookie cutter, brushing on the butter & glaze & sprinkling on the sugar.

So my husband's favorite were the cherry-filled ones brushed with butter on top & sprinkled with sugar:
Kaylee & I especially loved the apple-filled pies with the yummy glaze on top:
Each batch made 7 pies. Let me tell you, they did not stick around very long in our house! My husband is requesting some more, but this time with the cherry filling inside & the glaze on top. I think I will just make him some more on his next days off-the hearts, after all, make them a perfect little treat for Valentine's Day too!

If you haven't been over there before, check out Our Best Bites. They have some really yummy recipes on there!

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