Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cards in a Box

These were the gifts that I made for Mother's Day this year. My all-time favorite handmade gift to give is a pack of greeting cards. They look pretty just tied with a ribbon, but I wanted to do a little something more for Mother's Day. I decided to re-use the box that the envelopes came in to create a little box to organize & contain the cards & envelopes. I just cut off the lid & the flaps, covered it with some pretty paper, made a couple of dividers & then embellished it a little. It was super easy to make. And I love how they turned out! And I really love when I can re-purpose items. It justifies why I always hang on to everything!

So here is one:
I made 10 assorted greeting cards (I'll post those soon) & also included the blank envelopes:
Here's another one:
This would be a simple, inexpensive gift for any occasion!

I had a nice Mother's Day, I hope you did too!

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