Monday, May 16, 2011

Princess Party Thank You Cards

I decided to try out My Digital Studio to make some thank you cards for my daughter's birthday gifts. There is nothing fancy to these, I kept them really simple. I made them postcards so they are just two-sided.
Here's the front:
Here's the back:
I needed 16 of these so I made the back fill in the blank so that it was easier for my daughter to only have to write a few words on each one. She's not used to writing that much yet, so she actually only wrote about half of them herself & then she just signed her name on the other half & I filled the out for her. This was the first time I had printed anything with the professional printing services that Stampin' Up! offers. They turned out really nice! I like the matte finish of it & the thick weight of the card stock. They were shipped to me super fast too, I was amazed!

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