Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My First {Real} Quilt

One of my blog readers mentioned to me a while back about how much she enjoyed taking a quilt class at her local fabric store. Why hadn't I thought of this before? That is a great idea! Especially since I've had "making a quilt" on my to-do list for quite some time now. So back in April I took a quilt class. I learned so much! Not only did I learn a lot about quilting, but I learned some great sewing tricks & tips as well. Plus, it was a lot of fun!

I actually signed up for 2 quilt classes. At the first class we made the quilt top (basically just one large quilt block):

Then at the second class we finished it off just like you would a larger quilt:
And here's the back:
It's just so cute! At first I thought it would be the perfect little quilt for my girls to use with their baby dolls, but after all that hard work, I think I may hang it up on the wall! Even though this is a teeny, tiny little quilt, I am so glad I took those quilting classes. I learned a ton & now I'm not so intimidated to try a larger quilt. I love learning new things!

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Kellie said...

Yeah! I am so glad you took a class :) That turned out so well...I love that you don't want your girl to play with it, I made a quilt for each of my babies (3 of them) and when I was finished I didn't want them to use them...even though they WERE made for them, lol. But I think there is nothing better then a loved quilt!