Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Pregnancy Journal

Yes, friends you read that right! I am so excited to say that we are expecting Baby #3! Hence the long breaks between posts lately, I've been feeling a little crummy with morning sickness that seems to hit every evening & lasts all night long. Plus, you forget the pure exhaustion that you feel when you are in the first trimester! I'm almost 12 weeks along now & have been feeling a little better lately so hopefully I can some more crafting done. Except that now it is summer which means many lazy summer days with my girlies! I {heart} summertime!

So with both of my girls I bought a cute little pregnancy journal at Hallmark which I used to record all of my pregnancy thoughts & milestones in & I loved it. I love that they each have a little journal now in their keepsake boxes that they can read when they are older all about my pregnancy with them. So this time I headed over to Hallmark again, but couldn't find a pregnancy journal. Not a single one. I looked around online a little too, but couldn't find anything I liked. So I decided to turn to my trusted program from Stampin' Up!, My Digital Studio, to create a digital pregnancy journal. I'm making it a 5" x 5" size so that it's smaller like a journal. So far I really like how it's turning out. It is so easy to journal my thoughts & feelings & everything that's been going on, plus it's super easy to add photos too. And I'll just keep adding pages to it as my pregnancy progresses & then once the baby is born I can either have it professionally printed into a 5" x 5" album or I can print the pages out & put them into a book myself. I decided to go with the gender-neutral colors of yellow, green & brown since obviously we don't know the sex of the baby yet. I thought I would share a few of my favorite (not too personal) pages with you today. I am keeping it pretty simple!

This is the cover:
The first glimpse we had of our little peanut:
A journaling page about telling our families the news:
And the adorable family photo my oldest drew for me after we told her we were going to have another baby:
I'll try to remember to share some other pages as I get them finished too.

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Tasha said...

Congratulations!!! That is so exciting. Hang in there with tiredness and morning sickness.