Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ruffle Zipper Pouch

Ok, so I finally used the zipper foot for my sewing machine last week! I know, it took me long enough, right? I've been wanting to try a zipper pouch for a long time, but for some reason sewing a zipper just seemed intimidating to me. Well, Tasha over at Creation Corner shared this great tutorial for sewing a zipper pouch over at My Junk Drawer back in May. I love Tasha & I love her tutorials so I bookmarked it right away & added it to my to-do list. I have finally had a little spare time to do some sewing for myself & decided to try this out. It took me less than an hour & look how cute it is! I was too lazy to do the ruffle how Tasha does it in the zipper pouch tutorial, so I just did a ruffle how she shows in her summer tote tutorial, click here to see that. I had to get used to using the zipper foot a little at first, but I have to say that I was so excited to find it easier than I thought it would be to sew a zipper! Yay! Now I want to sew zippers in everything!

I used the green polka dot fabric to line the inside too:
I have to say I was pretty impressed with myself since this was my first time attempting a zipper! Thanks for the great tutorial Tasha! So I decided to give this one to my SIL since it matches the tote bag that I made her for her birthday. I think it'll come in handy!

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