Monday, December 12, 2011

Handmade Christmas 2011: Digital Holiday Cards

I just love how our Christmas card turned out this year! Super simple!
Last year after making a gazillion handmade cards I had told my husband not to let me do it again this year. I love making cards, but for Christmas, I just need way too many cards now. So I decided to create a digital Christmas card in my Stampin' Up! My Digital Studio software to have printed. Getting a decent picture of my girls was an adventure all of its own, but this one was good enough for me. Luckily I had found a good Groupon deal so I had to pay fairly little for my cards too & they were printed on high-quality matte card stock & included free envelopes & shipping. Score! So when I got my cards I did use my corner punch to round the four corners of each card. Yes I have problems. But I love the look of the rounded corners & the company I used to print the cards didn't offer that option. It didn't take too long & it really makes the cards look nice. I still do miss the handmade cards, but this sure was fast & easy! Even if you don't have a program to create your own digital holiday card check around on sites such as Shutterfly or Pear Tree Greetings or even Costco, they have some really cute designs! And a lot of companies have been offering great deals. I know my sister-in-law ended up using maybe 3 or 4 different companies to create her cards with this year, but she got almost all of them for free! And how fun it is to have a few different designs to mail out! Just an idea if you haven't already sent out cards-it's not too late!

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Tasha said...

They are ADORABLE!! I just love them. Those red dresses you have your girls in are just simply gorgeous too.