Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Infant Car Seat Canopy

I managed to get another baby project done! Yay! Sitting at the sewing machine counts as resting right? {wink, wink} I have a car seat canopy that we used with my last little one & it is so handy! It was very cute too, but the fabric was really thin & bright which made it very bright for when she was in the car seat. I wanted to make a canopy that was thicker & darker, you know, so that it will hopefully help to promote sleep when we need it to! I found this floral fabric at Hobby Lobby in AZ a while back & loved it immediately. I bought 2 yards of it & have been waiting for a project to use it with. I love how it turned out for the canopy. I made the straps out of a bright pink polka dot fabric just for fun & I used thick (2") velcro to attach the canopy onto the car seat so that it's really secure.

Here's a picture of the lining fabric:
I used a dark gray flannel. Like I said, I want this to not only keep the baby warm & out of the wandering hands of strangers, but to help keep it dark & cozy in there as well for when it's time for a little snooze. I am so excited I got it done!

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