Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Crafting with Kids: Stamping

I've been thinking that I should be better at posting the crafts I do with my kids on the bloggy blog here. I know I always like to come across new ideas for keeping my kids busy & maybe I can inspire you along the way too. The other day we decided to do a little stamping. My advice is to keep it as simple as possible! Use limited supplies! They still have fun & there isn't quite as much chaos or mess. So I laid down some scratch paper & told them to only stamp on the paper & not on the table, they each picked a few stamps to use & then they each picked a color they wanted to use. They had a great time!

Sometimes they just stamp papers to hang up in the house, sometimes they stamp cards to give to people. This time my oldest was making some thank you cards for those who bought Girl Scout cookies from her to give when we deliver the cookies:
Since she's a Daisy Girl Scout she used the daisy stamp in yellow & then she used the "thank you" stamp in a royal blue color which is the color of her Daisy tunic. I typed up the message on the computer & printed out a bunch for her & then she signed her own name. This project was simple enough & it kept them busy for a while-perfect!

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