Friday, September 26, 2008

My New Craft Space!!!

I may have mentioned that lately we've been pretty busy working around our house. We switched our daughter's room & the office so we've been painting both rooms, organizing, etc. Well this week on my husband's days off we finally got the office finished! Yay! I am so excited because half of the room is my new craft space! It's not totally finished yet, but I had to post some pics because I love it already!
Here's my half of the room. I love the bookshelf. It holds so much! I actually fit all of my stamps on the bottom 2 shelves. Plus I can neatly store my card stock now. And I love the ribbon holder that my friend Anya made me. It holds so much ribbon!
Here's a view of the other half of the room. This is our "office" side. That's my old craft table that we're now using for the computer. Our old computer desk was on it's last leg-literally! It fell apart when we tried to move it!

Then to the left of the computer is a window & the wall to the right has the closet. Lots of empty wall space still in this room. I'm thinking vinyl!
Here's one of my favorite things-I can see all of my beautiful Stampin' Up! card stock:
And here is another of my favorite things about my new space-the rods to hold my punches! My husband told me I better not buy any more! I got the rods in the kitchen section at IKEA. They are the perfect size for holding punches. Plus the little baskets are moveable & can hold any variety of stamping supplies! I like them right above my desk because I reach for them all of the time!
I figured I should take some photos before I actually start using my new space & it turns into the whirlwind mess that I craft in best! Thanks to my wonderful hubby for making my new craft space so nice & for letting me use half of a room for my addiction (I mean, hobby)!

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