Friday, October 1, 2010

Halloween Week: Candy Countdown Jar

Here at our house we love countdown projects that help us to countdown the days until a big holiday or someone's birthday. And we love chocolate. This year I decided to make a candy countdown jar for my older daughter. I just grabbed one of my small Ball jars & filled it with 31 Halloween-colored Hershey Kisses. This way starting today my daughter can eat one Hershey Kiss every day & she will know it's getting closer to Halloween as the jar empties out. This will hopefully help with all of the "How many days until Halloween?" questions I usually get every year too. Then I tied some of my favorite orange striped ribbon around the top of the jar & added a hand stamped pumpkin tag. I love this little pumpkin with the "Got treats?" saying-so cute! And this project is easy enough & inexpensive enough to where you could make one for each child in your family. I should have made one for my hubby too, I don't know how we'll keep him out of Kaylee's jar!

Here's a close-up:

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Tasha said...

oh, I love this!!!