Thursday, September 22, 2011

Simple Autumn Wreath

I modeled this Autumn wreath after the Simple Spring Wreath I made way back in April. Yep, I've had that Spring wreath up ever since & now that our weather has been nice & cool & tomorrow is the first day of Autumn, I decided it was time to change the wreath. I have seen so many cute Autumn wreath ideas on blogs & Pinterest lately, but I decided to go with this one simply because I had everything on hand already ( well, except for the styrofoam wreath form). At first I was thinking of doing a Halloween wreath with black, orange, purple & green, but then I figured I better just make a more generic Autumn wreath that I can leave up for a bit longer. I did the same type of flowers that I made on the Simple Spring Wreath, except this time I used felt which is sturdier & fluffs up nicely which I love! Another simple & inexpensive decoration for our home!

*If you want to see a tutorial on how to make the cute flowers check out this post over at Make It and Love It (scroll down past the baby hat part). So easy & I love how different fabrics give the flowers a different dimension!