Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Updating the Pregnancy Journal

Well I promise I have been getting a little crafty lately, but sadly nothing is quite ready for blogging about. I always seem to get myself into the middle of 5 different projects at once. Add into that one daughter who started kindergarten (luckily we settled into a routine pretty quickly) & another daughter who is a little bit more needy while big sister is away at school (clingy, whiny, doesn't know what to do with herself, etc.). I have managed to finish my younger one's baby album though! Yay! Right before baby #3 comes! I've also been trying to keep my pregnancy journal updated. It's been pretty easy since I'm doing it digitally this time around. It's been a big time saver!

Here are 2 of my most recent pages:

If you want to see my previous pregnancy journal post click here.

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