Friday, December 9, 2011

Handmade Christmas 2011: Sugar Cookies

So a few months ago I got this set of cookie stamps from Stampin' Up! I thought they were so cute & seemed like an easy way to make cookies with my girls. In the set there is a pumpkin, a heart & a snowflake:
All you do is switch the silicone stamp on the wooden handle. So we tried to make these with the pumpkin stamp around Halloween. The instructions said to use a recipe where the cookies don't puff up too much. So I tried one of the recommended recipes that came in the cookie stamp set. All went well until we baked our cookies & they puffed up! Such a bummer! You could hardly see the pumpkin stamped on the cookie. I was frustrated too because I used the recipe that they recommended.

Anyway, I decided to give the cookie stamps another try for a gingerbread party we were going to. This time I used my favorite sugar cookie recipe because the cookies hold their shape really well when you bake them. They turned out so much better this time!
Here they are:
It would have been cute to sprinkle them with some clear or blue sugar before baking them, but I wanted to add a little bit of frosting because it's just so yummy too. So I made my light blue frosting, stuck it in a plastic candy bottle & just applied it over the snowflake in the center:
So cute & so delicious!
These would be great to bundle up & deliver during the holiday season too!
Honestly, you should try the sugar cookie recipe from Our Best Bites. It's very easy & I get mass compliments on it every single time I make them!

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