Friday, January 13, 2012

Knit Baby Blanket

I have this super soft knit blanket from Gymboree that I love & I used with both of my older girls when they were babies. It is the perfect weight for a blanket-not too thick, not too thin. When I saw this tutorial for a knit receiving blanket over at Make It and Love It last year I realized that I could actually {probably} make one of these blankets myself. And I bookmarked it for a possible baby gift idea. Fast forward a few months & being pregnant with my own baby girl, I found this adorable owl knit fabric at JoAnn's. I love these cute owls so I bought some of the fabric up right away to make a knit baby blanket with. And I finally finished it today! Yay! With only one week left to my due date! I didn't actually know if I would be able to get it done, but here it is:
And I used a cute, bright pink polka dot knit for the back:
Oh it is so soft, I love it! And pink & brown-some of my fave colors together!

So I haven't had much practice sewing with knits before & let me tell you it can be a bit tricky. I decided to try out my walking foot on my sewing machine for this blanket & it really did make a huge difference! It was still a little tricky to sew the knit fabric, but it was much easier than using my regular sewing foot. I think with some more practice it would be a lot better. Don't look closely at my binding, the stitching is definitely not straight since the knits stretch & move a little while sewing. But I still think it turned out pretty well & can't wait to use it with our baby girl!

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